Deberes de Inglés (No Bilingüe)

19 01 2009

Pág.26-Ej. 6,7 y 8.

6/ Were do the people work?

a) In a courtroom.

b) In a restaurant.

c) In a TV studio.

d) In a garage.

e) In a bank.

f) On a building site.

e) In a police station.

7/ Write six questions by starting in the centre and taking one word or expressions from each circle.

a) Did you have a pizza yesterday?

b) Did your parents go out last saturday?

c) Did your friend have a pizza  last week?

d) Did your parents stay in yesterday?

e) Did your friend play football yesterday?

f) Did you stay in last week?

g) Did you go out last saturday?

8/ Write true answers to your questions 7.

a) No, I didn´t.

b) Yes, They did.

c) No, He didn´t.

d) Yes, They did.

e) Yes, He did.

f) Yes, I did.

g) No, I didn´t.

 Verbos Irregulares

do — did — done — Hacer
draw — drew — drawn — Dibujar
drink — drank — drunk — Beber
drive — drove — driven — Conducir
eat — ate — eaten — Comer


– I did my homeworks.

– You drew a poster.

– They drank water in the kitchen.

– You drove in the green car.

– He ate pasta.


-Y después de tanto trabajo un chiste.







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