Deberes de Inglés (No Bilingüe)

21 01 2009

Pág 28-Ej. 1 y 2.

1/ Read the text and answer the questions.

A) 50 years old

B) 300 dogs.

C) German sheoherd or Alsatian.

D) 12 to 14 weeks.

E) They find something illegal subtances.

2/Complete the sentences with infrmation from the text.

a) They use police dogs for finding illegal subtances and for controlling big groups.

b) Alsatian dogs begin their training qhen they are one year old and they spend 12 to 14 weeks learning do basic jobs.

c) The police officers know who has got drugs because the dogs are good finders.


Y después de tantos perros un chiste.







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