Deberes Ingles (bilingue) 20-Ene-09

20 01 2009

Ejercicio 1:

1-will    2-will    3_won´t    4_will   5_won´t   6_will   7_will   8_won´t    9_will    10_will   11_will    12_will



Ejercicio 2:

(Parte 1)

-Will they take a ride on the London Eye?    Yes they will.

-Will Carol haver a surprise?      Yes she will.

-Will Ben lose his cap?      No he won´t.

-Will Laura and Tomek make a video?      Yes they will.

-Will the weather be bad?       No he won´t.

(Parte 2)

-They will ride on the London Eye.

-She will have a suprise.

-He won´t lose his cap.

-They will make a video.

-He won´t be bad.